Ooooooo I love brain waves. Often times in a group setting I’ll play some frequencies in the background to channel other people’s brains without them knowing. I’ll let them thank me later. 😉 Well, Aleisea, what exactly are brainwaves? They are frequencies that our brain detects way below the surface of our consciousness. Our brains produce different frequencies depending on our actions and emotions. For example our brain emits different frequencies when we are sleeping than when we are wired trying to meet a deadline or when doing something creative. Our brains also react to different brainwaves, which is why playing them alters our reality down to the neuron level. (pretty awesome). As we go about our lives there is so much going on inside of us simultaneously that we neglect those parts. I’ll touch upon the basics of a few different types of brainwaves now..

THETA waves are slow and induce sleep or deep mediation with focus on our internal being. We keep our fears here and all the other ‘stuff’ that happens without trying.

ALPHA waves are all about right now. Mental focus, automatic flows.. good for writing (I’m listening to them right now). Alpha waves help center and balance our mind/body/soul.

BETA waves are fast and more complex. Like the Aderral of brainwaves so to speak. We produce these waves during complex cognitive tasks.

GAMMA waves are awesome and highly mysterious. It is hard to access these frequencies of our brain because they work a little different (I’ll go into more detail in a later post.) But gamma waves relate to a higher conciousness and universal love.

You can alter your brainwaves yourself through deep meditation and yoga, but you can very negatively alter them with chemicals such as alcohol and medications. Align your mind with your body and everything else will fall into place. For reference im posting the link to the brainwave entertainment I am currently listening to below..

love and light-