From the past, we learn
For the future, we yearn
From the pain, we rise
And only then the love can imply,
That in fact, we’ve not yet died.

You see, these cycles never cease
And they can never be at peace
Much like the ocean
Much like the wind
Much like much like the soul under my skin

Persistent and unwavering,
These cycles endure
Be it the woods, the sky, or the shore
We can learn from their efforts
See nature is the expert/
Wipe our minds clean &
build a new one
A mind that allows happiness
But sadness too,
For cycles continue &
Continue & continue
And these cycles live within you
Relieve the mind & cleanse the soul,
To truly understand the flow.



(Love and light)



Hello readers, welcome back.

This is more of an automatic, channeled post. Not sure where to start…

The human experience is one of connection and communication. We seek to be understood, we seek validation, acceptance. Some might say, “screw that! I don’t care.” But that doesn’t stop our underlying human pattern of wanting to be apart of something. These desires can come out in not-so-great ways, like following the group and not staying true to your values and morals, but if we understand that we have this desire, underneath our excuses, we can transform it. Instead of meeting this self-imposed validation requirement through trends, and essentially being “sheepole” (people who follow the masses despite not knowing much about what they’re doing/standing for), we should seek deeper connections. We walk around all day passing other living beings collecting a series of emotionless waves and slight grins until we see someone familiar, then we engage a little more. But even then are we really engaging energetically? I believe conversations should make you question what you know. Introduce you to a concept you may have never thought of before, expand your mind that much more. How about instead of just walking by that person in the grocery store or subway stop, why not introduce yourself. “Hi! My names Aleisea. We’re all apart of this general consciousness so I’d thought I’d take the time to introduce myself.” Maybe we’ll hug, or handshake afterwards and we’ll both go about our days. Imagine how much closer we’d be in this world if everyone stopped just once per day to engage a little deeper. Stop to realize that you’re sharing a physically and energetic space with another living being. Everyone we encounter has the opportunity to transform us in some way. Lets stop adhering to social constructions that tell us to dull down our feelings, actions, emotions. “Don’t go talk to that seemingly interesting person because  they’ll think you’re weird. Instead quietly walk away and never know what may have come of it.” Express what you want to, stay true to your thoughts and values, don’t choke when the moment comes. Be a friend to yourself, allow yourself to have deeper life experiences. We’re not here to work, sleep, eat and die. Transform your mind past these nonexistent limitations we’re brainwashed to believe exist.

That is all for today folks,

’til next time… Aleisea

Knows no..

HEY y’all!

I wrote this 3 years ago and I’ve been the only person that has read it since. Now seems right to share.


Knows No Violence..

The light of a young girl

She knows no violence
Knows no war
The darkness of form
The adult form
Adult mind, clouded
Clouds form within, not above
Beams once belonging to the young girl
They shine
They shine, invisible to the naked eye, clouded
Clouds form within, not above
Glistening down her cheek
Clouds transform to spill out,
Invisible to the naked eye but visible,
Very visible to the white
The white pillow
She’s rested her glistening cheek on
This pillow knows no sleep
Knows the ocean
Glistening ocean of tears
Tears that know violence
Tears that know war
The light of a young girl
Beaming in her smile
The clouds unable to break the smile
But the eyes know no lies
Eyes that know violence
Eyes that know war
Eyes that mourn the sons and daughters
The sons and daughters of war.
Love and light!
Thanks for reading.

BEing “selfish”

There are moments in life, especially mine, where we may feel we are living for everyone else. I recently realized that my perception of what it means to be selfish is completely misconstrued. As humans we should always try to lend a hand and spread love but we must also create boundaries. Boundaries are important in situations where helping someone else is becoming harmful to you, physically, emotionally, or mentally. It’s okay to say “no” sometimes. Be “selfish.” Love yourself. If we all took better care of ourselves on every level we may be able to eliminate a lot of misery in the world. Misery that comes from unspoken thoughts, feelings of being used, etc. Which all relate back to being selfish. And on a final note, realize that keeping valid emotions inside is harmful to your mental well-being. BE “SELFISH” and live for YOU. You are all you’ll have left at the end of this lifetime, enjoy it.

In honor of International Women’s Day I’ve attached a link to feminine healing energy bran waves- for the men and women of the world to embrace the beautiful feminine energy. Honor the Tao of the masculine and feminine.

peace n love.



Daily Cleansing.

Throughout our busy days we eagerly seek the moment of relaxation, our alone time to unwind and be comfortable. Usually we are so exhausted at this point that we fail to realize the amount of chaos and confusion our energy has come in contact with throughout the day. We cleanse our physical bodies and leave our energy bodies filthy. Cleanse your home and self with crystal and reiki charged essential oil sprays to diffuse scattered energy you’ve carried in. I do this every single day, often multiple times. It’s very important to stop and realize if the emotions and energy you are feeling are yours or latched on from some negative person you encountered during the day. I also meditate with clear quartz for maximum cleansing of the soul. Keeping it short here as cleansing will be the topic of many of my posts! But I can leave you here with this statement.. Life is too short to waste time on negative energy! Cleanse yourself of all that and love your life.

love and light-



Ooooooo I love brain waves. Often times in a group setting I’ll play some frequencies in the background to channel other people’s brains without them knowing. I’ll let them thank me later. 😉 Well, Aleisea, what exactly are brainwaves? They are frequencies that our brain detects way below the surface of our consciousness. Our brains produce different frequencies depending on our actions and emotions. For example our brain emits different frequencies when we are sleeping than when we are wired trying to meet a deadline or when doing something creative. Our brains also react to different brainwaves, which is why playing them alters our reality down to the neuron level. (pretty awesome). As we go about our lives there is so much going on inside of us simultaneously that we neglect those parts. I’ll touch upon the basics of a few different types of brainwaves now..

THETA waves are slow and induce sleep or deep mediation with focus on our internal being. We keep our fears here and all the other ‘stuff’ that happens without trying.

ALPHA waves are all about right now. Mental focus, automatic flows.. good for writing (I’m listening to them right now). Alpha waves help center and balance our mind/body/soul.

BETA waves are fast and more complex. Like the Aderral of brainwaves so to speak. We produce these waves during complex cognitive tasks.

GAMMA waves are awesome and highly mysterious. It is hard to access these frequencies of our brain because they work a little different (I’ll go into more detail in a later post.) But gamma waves relate to a higher conciousness and universal love.

You can alter your brainwaves yourself through deep meditation and yoga, but you can very negatively alter them with chemicals such as alcohol and medications. Align your mind with your body and everything else will fall into place. For reference im posting the link to the brainwave entertainment I am currently listening to below..

love and light-




A poem from one of my personal collections on the primal instincts of a woman.



Shades of red encapsulate my vision
Focus is summoned by a noise to my left
Innate instinct, eyes wide

Close my eyes, and notice at once the crispness of the air
Crawling up my spine to engulf my neck as the fresh scent of dusk prances around my nose

Creating an safe heaven for my physical body
Vines wrap around my feet, my legs, my torso & shoulders to form a cradle of sorts

My locks as long and strong as the roots of the Sequoia, dangling down over the edge of the vines
One with the waterfalls in aesthetic
I am lowered ever so gently to stand by my elders
My brothers and sisters who stand guard with me now
Some with lush foliage and other with bow and arrow
Both with ancient roots
Neither with intentions to destroy
Both stand firmly to protect their peace, protect their brothers & sisters

Protect one another


We’ve fallen into a trap of blame. We all want to blame something or someone for the way we are as humans. Our past experiences, our parents, our siblings, our diseases, our brains. We always try to find something to put the blame on. “I will always be this way, it runs in my family.” “I want to lose weight but everyone puts me down.” Etc..etc.. After a while these excuses begin to be true. Why is that? Because what you continuously think becomes your reality. Release is defined as “liberation of a person from custody, demand, restraint, or obligation.” By giving yourself excuses to be depressed, unhealthy, unmotivated, unfulfilled, you are putting yourself on a leash. YOU are placing your own restraints. YOU have the power to be exactly who you want to be, no matter your circumstances. YOU are your own god.  RELEASE YOURSELF FROM YOUR OWN RESTRAINTS AND LOVE YOUR LIFE.

love and light-


Whats going on?

This blog has been the product of failure. Failure to focus, failure to be true to myself, failure to spread my word. A few years ago I began a blog focused on fashion and anything new and flashy coming down the runways. It’s safe to say since beginning that blog I have done some soul-searching/self-finding/meditative reflection and have come to the realization that I have many thoughts outside of my materialistic interests that would be much more helpful and awakening for others. So here you have it, THOUGHTSONMYTIMEHERE. Here I will talk about my personal thoughts self-education, self-help, meditation, world issues, extraterrestrials, poetry and anything else that is worthy of being shared. If you know me on a personal basis I will post here everything I babble on about in person. Ending this first post of a new chapter I will post one of my favorite quotes on life. “Go without a coat when it’s cold; find out what cold is. Go hungry; keep your existence lean. Wear away the fat, get down to the lean tissue and see what it’s all about. The only time you define your character is when you go without. In times of hardship, you find out what you’re made of and what you’re capable of. If you’re never tested, you’ll never define your character.”

love and light-