Hello readers, welcome back.

This is more of an automatic, channeled post. Not sure where to start…

The human experience is one of connection and communication. We seek to be understood, we seek validation, acceptance. Some might say, “screw that! I don’t care.” But that doesn’t stop our underlying human pattern of wanting to be apart of something. These desires can come out in not-so-great ways, like following the group and not staying true to your values and morals, but if we understand that we have this desire, underneath our excuses, we can transform it. Instead of meeting this self-imposed validation requirement through trends, and essentially being “sheepole” (people who follow the masses despite not knowing much about what they’re doing/standing for), we should seek deeper connections. We walk around all day passing other living beings collecting a series of emotionless waves and slight grins until we see someone familiar, then we engage a little more. But even then are we really engaging energetically? I believe conversations should make you question what you know. Introduce you to a concept you may have never thought of before, expand your mind that much more. How about instead of just walking by that person in the grocery store or subway stop, why not introduce yourself. “Hi! My names Aleisea. We’re all apart of this general consciousness so I’d thought I’d take the time to introduce myself.” Maybe we’ll hug, or handshake afterwards and we’ll both go about our days. Imagine how much closer we’d be in this world if everyone stopped just once per day to engage a little deeper. Stop to realize that you’re sharing a physically and energetic space with another living being. Everyone we encounter has the opportunity to transform us in some way. Lets stop adhering to social constructions that tell us to dull down our feelings, actions, emotions. “Don’t go talk to that seemingly interesting person because  they’ll think you’re weird. Instead quietly walk away and never know what may have come of it.” Express what you want to, stay true to your thoughts and values, don’t choke when the moment comes. Be a friend to yourself, allow yourself to have deeper life experiences. We’re not here to work, sleep, eat and die. Transform your mind past these nonexistent limitations we’re brainwashed to believe exist.

That is all for today folks,

’til next time… Aleisea


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