BEing “selfish”

There are moments in life, especially mine, where we may feel we are living for everyone else. I recently realized that my perception of what it means to be selfish is completely misconstrued. As humans we should always try to lend a hand and spread love but we must also create boundaries. Boundaries are important in situations where helping someone else is becoming harmful to you, physically, emotionally, or mentally. It’s okay to say “no” sometimes. Be “selfish.” Love yourself. If we all took better care of ourselves on every level we may be able to eliminate a lot of misery in the world. Misery that comes from unspoken thoughts, feelings of being used, etc. Which all relate back to being selfish. And on a final note, realize that keeping valid emotions inside is harmful to your mental well-being. BE “SELFISH” and live for YOU. You are all you’ll have left at the end of this lifetime, enjoy it.

In honor of International Women’s Day I’ve attached a link to feminine healing energy bran waves- for the men and women of the world to embrace the beautiful feminine energy. Honor the Tao of the masculine and feminine.

peace n love.




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