Daily Cleansing.

Throughout our busy days we eagerly seek the moment of relaxation, our alone time to unwind and be comfortable. Usually we are so exhausted at this point that we fail to realize the amount of chaos and confusion our energy has come in contact with throughout the day. We cleanse our physical bodies and leave our energy bodies filthy. Cleanse your home and self with crystal and reiki charged essential oil sprays to diffuse scattered energy you’ve carried in. I do this every single day, often multiple times. It’s very important to stop and realize if the emotions and energy you are feeling are yours or latched on from some negative person you encountered during the day. I also meditate with clear quartz for maximum cleansing of the soul. Keeping it short here as cleansing will be the topic of many of my posts! But I can leave you here with this statement.. Life is too short to waste time on negative energy! Cleanse yourself of all that and love your life.

love and light-



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