Whats going on?

This blog has been the product of failure. Failure to focus, failure to be true to myself, failure to spread my word. A few years ago I began a blog focused on fashion and anything new and flashy coming down the runways. It’s safe to say since beginning that blog I have done some soul-searching/self-finding/meditative reflection and have come to the realization that I have many thoughts outside of my materialistic interests that would be much more helpful and awakening for others. So here you have it, THOUGHTSONMYTIMEHERE. Here I will talk about my personal thoughts self-education, self-help, meditation, world issues, extraterrestrials, poetry and anything else that is worthy of being shared. If you know me on a personal basis I will post here everything I babble on about in person. Ending this first post of a new chapter I will post one of my favorite quotes on life. “Go without a coat when it’s cold; find out what cold is. Go hungry; keep your existence lean. Wear away the fat, get down to the lean tissue and see what it’s all about. The only time you define your character is when you go without. In times of hardship, you find out what you’re made of and what you’re capable of. If you’re never tested, you’ll never define your character.”

love and light-



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