A poem from one of my personal collections on the primal instincts of a woman.



Shades of red encapsulate my vision
Focus is summoned by a noise to my left
Innate instinct, eyes wide

Close my eyes, and notice at once the crispness of the air
Crawling up my spine to engulf my neck as the fresh scent of dusk prances around my nose

Creating an safe heaven for my physical body
Vines wrap around my feet, my legs, my torso & shoulders to form a cradle of sorts

My locks as long and strong as the roots of the Sequoia, dangling down over the edge of the vines
One with the waterfalls in aesthetic
I am lowered ever so gently to stand by my elders
My brothers and sisters who stand guard with me now
Some with lush foliage and other with bow and arrow
Both with ancient roots
Neither with intentions to destroy
Both stand firmly to protect their peace, protect their brothers & sisters

Protect one another


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